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It is very important for Hotel industry to look out a hotel security guard company which is reliable on all criteria. This is because security of guests plays a crucial role in the reputation of a hotel in the market. Guests are not interested to choose a hotel which is not secure for them in terms of security. That is why no one want to lose its business because of incompetent security team. We Security guard force India ensure the top class security for guests, hotel assets and staff in every way. Modern and traditional both means of security are used by us to avoid any security breach.


Protect your guests from all security threats with SGFI in NCR

There are too many security issues that may arise in a hospitality industry including fire security, guest security from immoral people of staff, internal and external security threats etc. We SGFI gives you hotel security guard which are capable of dealing with all kinds of security in your hotel to maintain the peaceful scenario. From resisting the entry of illegal people in hotel to handling unforeseen situations everything is possible with us. You do not have to panic about the security arrangements after you switch to our services for hotel security in NCR. Here is a list of services that we offers to hotels in order to ensure their reputation in the market.

  1. Guest security
  2. Top level security for hotel assets
  3. Inhibit entry of illegal sources inside hotel premises
  4. Competent guards to monitor entry and exit points of hotel
  5. Fire security
  6. Event security
  7. Cash points are kept secured by us
  8. Utmost security to staff working day night in hotel
  9. Gun man security for unexpected situations


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Specialties of SGFI in Hotel security services 

When it comes to hotel security guard services there are too many options available in the market. We can see people offering security services for Hotel industry in every nook and corner. But if you want a legitimate company dealing in this service then it is very important to choose the one very carefully by analyzing the different criteria. We security guard force India have various specialties when it comes to serve in the hotel security for which you can hire us for the job. Have a look on the unique features of specialties that we own in the field of hotel security services.

  1. Highly fit guards for Hotel security
  2. Online surveillance rooms to monitor CCTV cameras 24*7
  3. Hotel security for event and special occasions
  4. A big team of security guards
  5. Trained and experienced skilled security guards
  6. Security appreciation team to filter security threat

How we gives overall hotel security in NCR

When it comes to choose overall hotel security in Delhi NCR for your hotel the primary thing that you need to consider is kind of services you will avail from the same. At the same time you must have few valid reasons to give priority to a particular hotel security agency in the city. Security guard force India is very much conscious about its reputation in the market and that is why only hire trained and experienced security guards to its team. At the same time regular training is provided to the security guards to serve their services in hospitality field. That is why you can choose us when it comes to opt for a hotel security firm that provides overall security to your hotel.

  • We deal in all kinds of hotel security services
  • Our team of security guards working round the clock
  • We have supervisory officers to monitor security threats
  • We cover all kinds of security for guests and hotel assets


The security guard force India is undoubtly the best Hotel security service provider that you can go with without giving a second thought. The only thing that we believe in is hundred percent services and satisfaction to the customers by giving utmost security. The modern and conventional security means makes a perfect combo to serve the best level security to guests and hotel assets which are also expensive and crucial to look after. At the same time our guards are also able to handle events security effienctly without any mistake.

We have over 5 years experience in Next Level Security

SGFI Security Solutions comprises of extreme dedication driven team of security professionals and well trained guards

Security Guard Services in Delhi

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