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Security services are exponentially important when it comes to retail and shopping complex. Be it expensive metal jewllery store, branded clothing line store or a megastore or for that matter shopping mall security services plays a crucial role. SGFI offers a wide range of security services for retail stores, mall and shopping complex in different cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and other parts of the country. So if you are also looking for security services in Faridabad, Delhi, Noida or other cities of India then SGFI can be your first choice to avail best security services for the cause.

Secure the entry and exits of your mall and retail store with SGFI

The first service that you can avail from us for your retail outlet and shopping mall is at entry and exit points of the premises. We block the entry of suspicious people inside the premises by taking necessary measures. The private security service provided by us to our clients has no loopholes to meet any breach in the security line from Security guard force India.


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External and Internal security coverage from SGFI for retail store and malls

If you are worried about the security of your retail store, shopping mall, brand outlet then Security guard agency in Gurgaon can help you to sort out your problem. We ensure best security to your store and shopping mall from robbers, thief, suspected staff and other such elements without hurting any sentiment. Have a look on the way by which we perform our job in the best manner. Our aim at SGFI is to monitor all the security threats to your store and manage best security for the same.

  • Thorough surveillance of the premises with CCTVWe do through surveillance of the premises with CCTV camera for monitoring the security threats both internal and external. As a result of which you do not need to worry regarding any such risk for your store.
  • Security Alarms 

We make sure to install security alarms at important places to ensure the top security of goods in your store. We are the best private security company in Noida for this reason as security alarms are considered best when it comes to security of a retail store or shopping mall complex.


  • A team of intelligent security force

We have a team of intelligent security force that is having its eyes glued on the any activity that can hamper the security net. This is the reason why our clients are relaxed and tension free about robbery in their store by switching to our services.


  • Placing guards in every corner

We make sure to place guards in every corner of the store for overall security of your store. That is how you can see a full security coverage of your retail complex.


  • Proper inspection of vehicles at entry and exit points

SGFI make sure that proper inspection of the vehicles is done at the entry and exit points of the mall, retail store, shopping store. That reduce the chances of robbery and other such incidence.

What makes our security team efficient in security services? 

Here are few reasons for which we are considered as best security services company in India especially for retail and mall security services. There are too many security services providers in the country but not all of them are efficient to meet all security criteria for ensuing top class security arrangements for your retail store or mall for that matters. Here are few top notch reasons that differentiate us from others in terms of retail and shopping complex security services provider in India. Have a sight on them below;


  • Proactive security guards

The first thing that makes us one of the leading security services provider in India for retail store and shopping premises security is our proactive security guards and team. We only give security guard job in Delhi to those who meet this condition in their personality and experience. 


  • Dynamic and energetic team

The second attribute is dynamic and active team who is always willing to work in ensuring the top notch security conditions at your store or mall. That is the reason how we ensure the best security against robbery for your store.


  • Modern and conventional approach

We follows both modern and conventional approach for meeting security arrangements. For example CCTV camera, modern alarm systems along with security guards and manual screening is also done when required by our team.


  • Time bound

Our security guards are very bounded to their time and you will never be able to have any complaint regarding the timings on duty.


  • Professionalism

All our staff is have utmost professionalism which is the cause why we are surviving so high in the market inspite the fact there are too many other security services provider in the market.

We have over 5 years experience in Next Level Security

SGFI Security Solutions comprises of extreme dedication driven team of security professionals and well trained guards

Security Guard Services in Delhi

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