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When it comes to choose a good security service to ensure safety of your business place, factory, bank, jewllery shop of anything else in Ajmer the first name that strikes against every head is SGFI. Industrial security, retail security, hotels, hospitals or what not is provided by us. You just name it as we will line it up for you. So if you are looking for security services in Ajmer then just believe in us. We are going to cover round the clock security for your premises by enabling best team of security personnel. There is no reason to discuss on the need of security service for business and other spheres in modern time where we have myriads of robbery cases. So if you want to switch to a reliable security service provider in Ajmer then definitely we can fulfil your demands with our efficient and professional security personnel.


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Get all types of security services in Ajmer from efficient team of SGFI


When you trust SGFI team to meet your security needs we ensure all types of security under the sun to our clients. We are the best security guard agency in Ajmer that can caters all your need of security services irrespective of the field. For example;

  1. Industrial security 
  2. Fire security
  3. Shopping complex security
  4. Brand outlet stores security
  5. Security for offices, companies and factories
  6. Residential security
  7. Bank security 
  8. Security for hotels
  9. Hospital security
  10. Restaurant security
  11. Intelligence security
  12. Team of detectives

This is a highlight of our security services that we offer as Private security service provider in Ajmer to our customers. Apart from it you can reach out us for any other kind of services in concern with meeting the best security of you.

Detectives, guards, Gunman, Surveillance staff all available with us

If you are looking for a security services company that can help you with all kinds of skilled team in this context then undoubtly SGFI is the first name. We are having a security team which compromises of all kind of people like;

  1. Detectives to figure out security threats to a person, firm and business entity. These detectives’ works on an intelligence criteria to tackle the risk to a person or business.
  2. We have Gunman who are equipped with the same to meet the emergency scenario. They are trained to use guns very efficiently by keeping the entire situation in mind.
  3. SGFI also hire security guards if you do not want to have gunman for your residential and other security.
  4. Surveillance staff to monitor the CCTV footage is also available with SGFI in Ajmer. 

All these things makes us best private security company in Ajmer to serve you in every way and cater all your security demands smoothly.

How we are potential security services provider in Ajmer

We are best and potential security service provider in Ajmer owing to following reasons. So you can easily rely on our services in Ajmer. 

  1. Complete security in terms of physical, human and financial assets along with online assets.
  2. Best monitoring of security arrangements with the help of intelligence team.
  3. Dedicated security team to meet all your security needs without any hustle.
  4. Good availability of security guards for events, emergency situations.
  5. Best accountability of security services from SGFI in Ajmer.

The SGFI ensure all above criteria in the person who visit us for security guard job in Ajmer. That is why we are the leading security provider for all places be it retail store, hotels, banks or any other arena as listed above.



  • How do you meet the best satisfaction level of your customers?

We make sure to serve the best security arrangements in terms of technology, staff and intelligence as a combination to ensure overall safety of our clients.

  • Do you provide industrial security too?

Our security services in Ajmer covers all kind of security no matter which field. So yes you can avail industrial security service from us.

  • Are your guard trained for security management at events?

We have very efficient team to handle top class security at events. You can hire event security team of SGFI easily.

  • How do you coordinate with your security team?

We are available round the clock and out contact details will be made accessible to you at the time you switch to our services.

  • Why to choose you when there are variety of options?

We are really professional, big company in market to give top security services and economic as well.

  • How your detectives ensure best security to clients?

Our detectives figure out the hidden threats to a person of entity through their intelligence and resources and meet all security arrangements accordingly.

We have over 5 years experience in Next Level Security

SGFI Security Solutions comprises of extreme dedication driven team of security professionals and well trained guards

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