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Ghaziabad is an important city of the state Utter Pradesh and India as well. But when we monitor this city in terms of security it is considered as one of the most insecure city especially when it comes to women. As a result of which finding great Security Guard Services in Ghaziabad is very important to get away from any kind of risk. It is not that easy to get a competent security team in Ghaziabad that can help you to feel secure at your residence as well as at work. That is why SGFI is making its best efforts to give you the best security through a genuine and effective security management. At SGFI we ensure to provide the giant and energetic young guards to such place. As a result of which a reduction in the incidents that happens to women can be seen by switching to our services. We are the best team when it comes to seek security services in Ghaziabad.

How we are trustworthy security services team to hire in Ghaziabad

There are too many security Guard agency in Ghaziabad but you can experience the difference by switching to SGFI. This is because we only entertain perfection when it comes to hire our team of security guards. At the same time we are serving in this field for a long while now and that is why a good experience guide us to achieve best perfection in serving as security service provider in the market. You can see the positive response of people which we are getting owing to the quality of our services in this arena. So these are more than enough to justify why we are best in Ghaziabad to consider a security service provider.


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What services we offer as security provider to our clients?

When it comes to switch to our services as private security company in Ghaziabad it is very important to have an idea about in what area we serve. Have a sight on the following types of services that we are involved in to serve for our clients in terms of security.

  1. We are having well trained and experienced staff in fire security.
  2. SGFI have people to work in hotel security.
  3. Switch to our services for Shopping complex, retail stores, shops security.
  4. Have SGFI security services in Ghaziabad for warehouse and godown.
  5. Bank security is our perfection.
  6. Even security for managing top level security for an event of occasion.
  7. Security for school, college and universities.
  8. Government department security.

These are the top services that you can avail from security Services Company like SGFI in Ghaziabad easily without any issue.

What you can expect from SGFI?

Whenever someone shows interest in security guard job in Ghaziabad we first enquire about the experience and skills of the person. As a result of which there is not any new player in our team who is not able to sense the security breach at work. Here are few things that you can expect particular from us when you are believing in us for your security service. 

  1. We send you best security guards who are dedicated towards their work.
  2. All our guards are trained time to time and have certification in their job.
  3. We do not compromise when it comes to the security of our client at any stage.
  4. The private security service offered by SGFI make sure that you are being protected by both conventional and modern both techniques.
  5. We are able to connect with you all the day and night in case of any emergency.


  • How big is your team working in security services?

We have a giant team working across the country to chase the dream of protecting the Pan India. We are still flourishing our roots to many other cities as well.

  • What is the criteria of guard selection in SGFI?

We prefer only those people in our team who are young, dynamic, energetic and ready to serve with their inner interest.

  • Are your security guards able to sense security risks?

We have a team which is very competent in every way and make sure that security risks are monitored time to time. That is why our customers shows a full satisfaction with our services.

  • How does your security intelligence team works?

Our security intelligence team have its agents across the neighborhood area to monitor any risk. At the same time modern technology is also used to monitor any threat from different sources.

  • What if your security guards are boozed while duty?

It is not possible to see this kind of behaviour from any of our security guard at all. Still if it happens we are likely to fire him from job immediately.

We have over 5 years experience in Next Level Security

SGFI Security Solutions comprises of extreme dedication driven team of security professionals and well trained guards

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