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Ever since the industry is thrown out from Delhi the Gurgaon has become new hub for the companies and industry. It is considered as millionaire city for this cause too. Owing to the huge employment opportunities, business hub and scores of companies here the security demand for the city is also at its peak. We cannot ignore the security of workers, employees, big businessmen and conglomerate working in Gurgaon. A good security services agency in Gurgaon can cater all these needs and we are the best answer for it. Security Guard Force India not only excels in its security services but have dynamic range of services too. We make sure to provide a work fear free work environment to employees in day and night both shifts. 

Different arenas in which we avail you security services 

We are the leading security guard agency in Gurgaon that deal with a huge list of services under the umbrella term of security services to our clients. You can reach us for following services in the domain of security.

  • Well trained and arms equipped security guards
  • Personal body guard for company owners and big business owners
  • Top security for corporate offices in Gurgaon.
  • Our security services cover malls, shopping complex and restaurants
  • Factories, warehouse security is also available from us.
  • Our team is perfect in fire security service too.
  • We also gives you best bouncers for pubs to ensure the top security.
  • Women security is on the top priority of our list.
  • We provide security to hospitals and other private towers too.


Call our corporate office and we will connect you with a team member who can help.

What makes security Guard Force India a competent security?

When you are choosing the security Guard force India for security services in Gurgaon you choose quality and top security in the city. We have edge over other security service providers in many way as listed here;

  1. Round the clock security system to clients
  2. Only experienced security personnel are working in our team.
  3. We always give a training to our security guards before sending them in field.
  4. Our security system caters the security requirement for both digital and stagnant property.
  5. Advance management and control cell.
  6. Modern CCTV surveillance to detect any intruder.
  7. Gunmen are trained to operate their guns in required scenario.

So we are definitely a big security agency in Gurgaon that you can trust and rely on blindly. We are constantly striving our efforts to emerge out as the best security service provider across the country as well.

How we stand out from others to serve you:

We are definitely best than others on many grounds when it comes to choose a private security service in Gurgaon. We are cost effective than other security service providers in the market which is a big reason why to opt us. Apart from it we are having excellence in all types of security services from protecting educational institutes, business buildings, hospitals, warehouse, shopping malls, disco, pubs and bars, women security etc. All the means of modern security system which are based on technology are also available with us. Apart from it we have a top management and administration to avoid any mistake on our part and to refine our strategy time to time.


  • How does the management of SGFI works?

We works on a very strict structure where our team is supposed to report their management time to time. A proper net is spread by us by staying in a network to kick out any infringement or deviation from security.

  • Are security personnel capable to protect foreign clients?

Our security personnel are very much efficient to give top security for VIP clients. Active and alert guards and modern security network make them competent in every way to protect foreign clients from any security breach.

  • Is there any supervisory officer to keep an eye on security personnel?

Yes our management is always connected to the ground level security people to establish a supervisory vision. This ensure the delivery of best security services to our clients at every step.

  • Do you provide security against fire accidents?

Yes we are very much capable of dealing with the fire accidents in the premises. A special team is prepared and trained to tackle this situation effienctly to minimize the loss caused by fire accidents. We also suppress the chances of fire accidents by keeping a sharp eye in this arena.

  • Is your team equipped with bouncers for Bars and pubs?

We have people in our team who are very much capable and fit to perform the role of a bouncer. They can handle the crowd very perfectly without causing any hassle in such crowdy places. They are young and sturdy souls working as security people in our team to fit in the role of bouncers.

We have over 5 years experience in Next Level Security

SGFI Security Solutions comprises of extreme dedication driven team of security professionals and well trained guards

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