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UP is one of the biggest state in India and it would not be wrong to say that Lucknow is its heart. Scores of people enter the city for tourism, livelihood or their official work get done. As a result of which demand of a good security is very genuine in Lucknow. Whether it comes to security at offices, malls, retails stores or any other private place a competent team is required to check out the security arrangements. SGFI offers best security services in Lucknow for this purpose. From security guards to special intelligence team to ensure the security is possible with us. Switching to our services gives you best relief from any tension regarding ensuring the security arrangements at any place. 

Why Security services are crucial in Lucknow?

It is very natural to see an urge of best security team in a city like Lucknow which is the center of biggest state of the India. Whether it comes to the security of people from thief, anti-social elements or robbery at banks, misfortunate accidents at hotels and fire accidents everything need best security service. That is the reason why you cannot neglect the importance of security services in the city like Lucknow. Private security service offered by SGFI is unbeatable when it comes to hire a good security service provider in the city.


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How SGFI is competent security service provider?

SGFI is competent security service provider because it is not a small company that indulge in this pursuit. SGFI is the biggest security guard agency in Lucknow which has flourished its roots across the length and breadth of the country.  We have well trained and experienced security personnel which are having long experienced of serving in this field. At the same time per believe in hiring only field specific guards at the time of hiring. So when you are getting a security service from us we will send specialist of different fields to cater all kind of security needs at your place.

Our way of working to ensure best security in different areas

When someone walk in to get security guard job in Lucknow from SGFI we do not hire without measuring certain parameters. For example experience, fitness and skills are given good preference along with age. Only young dynamic and skilled security guards are there in the team of security guard force India. Here are few highlights of our way of working that makes us different than others. So if you are looking for professional security services in Lucknow then undoubtly security guard force India in the unmatchable platform for this purpose.

  • A chain of security system in hierarchy of security team

We manage the security situation by setting a team order from top to bottom in terms of hierarchy. So it gets established like a chain and it facilitate the utmost security arrangements.

  • Proper supervision of the guards

If you choose our security service company it helps you to give the facility of proper supervision of the guards.

  • Online security network

We establish online network through CCTV camera and other means which is very important to ensure best security of your assets.

  • Patrolling of security personnel

If you switch to private security company in Lucknow that is SGFI then you ensure the best patrolling service for your security when required.

  • Intelligence team to work on security for important events

If you switch to private security company in Lucknow that is SGFI then you ensure the best patrolling service for your security when required.


  • Do you have young and energetic security guards?

All our security guards are young and dynamic as we do not hire old people for this job. So you can rely for this on SGFI easily. 

  • How you are better than other security service provider in Lucknow?

We work on both conventional and modern security models which makes us different than others in the market.

  • Are you following modern security tools and equipment?

We are having trust on both the way of giving security to our clients and that is why we are following both old and new technology to keep you secure. 

  • How often you train your guards?

We have regular training course for our guards and other personnel to ensure the utmost skill and perfection in the team.

  • Do you offer round the clock residential security?

We have round the clock security services for our clients in all the arenas. No matter whether it is a retain shop, residential place or anything else we give you round the clock security services without any botheration. 

So make sure that you are switching to the professional security services by hiring us from SGFI at any time. We are available round the clock to serve you in all kind of security requirements as per your requirements.

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