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Since Noida is sharing its boundaries with Delhi the security risks are highest here. You can read and listen crime scenes and incidents happening around the city every other day. The city is also considered as highly insecure for women. That is why it is very crucial to switch to top competent security services in Noida. The security Guard force India is making its utmost efforts to give top-class security to the people across the city. We underhand the security concerns of one and all on minute level. That is why we have different types of security services ready for our clients. You can opt for the type of security service from us as per you requirement. A team of highly trained and managed security personnel is going to guard you against any threat that pause security issue to you and your firm.

List of service you can get from Security Guard Force India in Noida

When you switch to the services of Security Guard Force India in Noida it is important to have a vague idea about for which services you qualify by doing so from us. Here is a long and comprehensive list of services we caters in for our clients being a best security agency in Noida.

  1. Attentive and highly alert security guards.
  2. A full-fledged modern security system equipped with electronic technology.
  3. Best security for special business gatherings, meetings and events.
  4. Tight security service for new visitors in the business, residential and educational premises.
  5. Top notch security for women by considering all aspects of loopholes.
  6. Fire security services to control and handle emergency fire situations.

Apart from it we provides top class security guard services in Noida in all other arenas like digital assets of your firm, employee and work station security, pub and bar security etc.


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Why to trust us as best security service Provider Company?

The security guard force India gives scores of reasons to you for choosing us in the market for security services. We are the leading security company in Noida and offer services like;

  1. Our guards are trained before they work on ground duty.
  2. We prefer to hire retired Army people.
  3. Security officers will monitor security arrangements regularly.
  4. Accountability towards your feedback.
  5. Economic in the market.
  6. Well-dressed in uniforms.
  7. Certified

Whether you are looking for private security services or security guards for your work place we deal in every sphere of security with our best efforts and commitments. 

Our specialties to meet your security expectations 

  1. We have Armed forced people in our team of security personnel to give top notch services.
  2. We follow a strict management and supervising policy to ensure best services.
  3. Our security guards other people of the team undergoes regular practices and training to combat the challenges on their way.
  4. We are affiliated by the government of India and thus you can trust us easily.
  5. We maintain professionalism at every step.
  6. We have special security team for women too.
  7. Our cost of security services is very nominal as compared to other competitors in the market.

So consider us when you are looking for Noida security guard or any other such service for you.


  • Which types of arms and ammunition are provided to security guards?

Answer: We give standard guns that security guards are entitled to use and a communication medium or intercom. Apart from it they are always connected to the management like a chain. This is how we can ensure the best security of our clients.

  • Which types of arms and ammunition are provided to security guards?

Answer: Yes, we deals in all kinds of security from personal bodyguards to bouncers and guards for personal buildings to gated societies. Apart from it we have stretched our arms in different arenas like workplace, education buildings and even bars and restaurant.

  • How are you going to protect the digital assets?

Answer: We ensure a modern technology equipped security system net that track any security theft to your digital assets. We never disappoint our customers to ensure the top security for their digital assets.

  • Is there any surveillance room and team you have?

Answer: Yes we have a security surveillance room equipped with all modern facilities to track the security risk.

  • Does your cost vary for day and night?

Answer: Yes we have different charges for day and night security. But we never charge beyond genuine price like other security service providers.

  • Are you certified by the Government?

Answer: The security guard force India is certified by the government and we have license to provide security services as well. We do not breach any rule that can destroy the law and order of the country. 

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SGFI Security Solutions comprises of extreme dedication driven team of security professionals and well trained guards

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