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Faridabad is a very important part of Delhi NCR and we cannot neglect it on security grounds as well. It is one of the most haunted belt when it comes to check out the rate of crime scenes in the city. That is why security services in Faridabad becomes very essential for the residents and people playing the city for job purpose. The security guard force India understand these concerns and that is why prepare its team to serve in passionate way to the people of the city with their security services in different arenas. Once you hire top security from us we can ensure the total relief to your brain from any issue related to security of your property and your employees or family too.

Security guard force India-Modern technology based security services 

We are offering all our security services to the clients which are based on modern technology. For example if you switch for the private security service from Security Guard force India we are going to ensure you the use of modern technology like;

  1. CCTV cameras to check the live situations through surveillance room.
  2. An online network between the ground level to officer level authorities of security team.
  3. Fire alarms to check the security and control the situation on time.
  4. Electronic scanning of the visitors and their luggage to avoid any security concern.

This is the reason why people hire Security Guard Force India as best private security company in Faridabad without any second thought.


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What we offers to our clients in Faridabad.

When you look after a security guard agency in Faridabad the first question that strikes against your head is about the services you can get from the company. The security guard force India offers you following list of security services in Faridabad;

  • Private security for your educational institute like college, school, university.
  • Top security for malls, megastores, hypermarkets, showrooms.
  • Competent security team for a business building, place, bar and beauty salons.
  • We offers security to healthcare buildings like clinics, hospitals and other small and big healthcare places.
  • We offers top level security for banks with armed gunman too.
  • Apart from it we have a team ready to serve you in fire related security, event handling security, media security and what not in the list.

So we are the best security services company in Faridabad that you can trust as one step destination as answer for all your security related concerns. You do not have to rush here and there for availing the first class security services in Faridabad other than Security Guard Force India.

There are many other security service providers in Faridabad apart from us as well but make sure that you are not choosing incompetent team that is not capable to serve the best in their work. We have certain perfections in the security services that others cannot offers you. So have a look on the reasons for which you must opt for Security guard force India below;


  1. We are using all modern technology to ensure the best security for our clients.
  2. There is never a scarcity of the security team as we always keep spare guard and other people for emergency situations.
  3. Our team is guided and trained by the best minds of the world to perform their duties on the field.
  4. The security of the client is our top priority.
  5. Our charges for the services are way lower than others.
  6. We can serve you all 365 days of the year without any excuse.
  7. All the guards and security personnel have a dress code that gives them professional feel from inside too.


  • What is your specialty in security services?

We are capable of serving in all domains of security with perfection from fire security, residential security, bar security, business security everything is available with us. We have excellent and trained security people in our Security Guard Force India team.

  • What kind of modern security technology you have?

We are using CCTV camera, intercom, online management, fire alarms, online team management tools etc. in our security system. Apart from electronic scanning of suspicious products is also done by us to secure your place like professionals.

  • What If your guards comes in drunken state for duty?

None of our guard or any other security person can report on duty in alcoholic conditions. All our guards are trained in the best way to stay away from such blunders. In rare situations we can keep a check out on such flaws through our supervisory authorities as well.

  • Do you offer patrolling service?

Yes we offer all kinds of patrolling services to our clients and you can check out with us in this concern. We gives excellent patrolling for any event which is going to be attended by a big celebrity of client.

  • How big your company is?

We are a big firm in the industry of security services which is flourished in all nearby areas of Delhi including Gurgaon, Noida and entire NCR which counts Faridabad too. We have a big team of security guards and other people as well to cater all the security related needs of our clients.

  • Do you have extra guards for emergency?

Yes we are not a small company and if there occurs an emergency situation we have spare guards in our team too. We always keep a backup of security guards and armed personnel.

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